How to Handle Job Application Process in a Professional Way

Many Job Applicants stay longer in their job search journey, not because they are unqualified or have no relevant skills for the jobs they apply, but most times, because of the way they handle their job application process. In this post I share some tips, you will find useful.

Avoid Typos:  Before you click the send button, proofread your CV, Cover Letter and Cover Email carefully to be sure there is no typing error.  Error-free document is a sign of having attention to details, an important skill for any job.

Communicate: Along with your CV, your application should contain a cover email. Do not send only your CV without a word on the body of your email.  It is not courteous and shows poor skills.

Cover All Sections: Your application should contain a subject, cover email, (a cover letter where requested), and your cover email should include a closing section and your name.   Do not just say, ‘please find attached’.

Example of Closing Section:

“I look forward to your consideration.

Kind Regards,

Clara Michael”

Be Vigilant: Check your inbox including your junk mail folder more frequently and respond to interview invitations promptly.

Do Not Ignore Interview Invitations. When you receive an invitation for an interview, it is important to respond, whether you want to accept, decline or reschedule the interview. This puts you in a good state for any future encounter with the Recruiter.  It is a small world!

Take Your Job Application as a Business: Apply for jobs that you are sure to see through. Do not apply for jobs for the sake of trying your luck, for the fun of it, or apply for tons of jobs you cannot track, and then ignore an invitation for an interview. 

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Keep Track.  If you apply for so many jobs at a time, create a tracking system, write down all your job applications, such as the company or the recruiter, the positions and the dates you applied.  Check your list each time you get an invitation or search your ‘Sent Items’ folder. It is unprofessional to tell a Recruiter that you do remember applying for a job.

Commit to Interviews: If you accept an invitation to attend an interview, make efforts to attend.  If you need to cancel or reschedule, inform the Recruiter ahead.

Be Courteous: Remain courteous throughout the recruitment process, no matter how upset you may feel with the way a recruiter has handled your application. Stay respectful and courteous. Remember we are all humans and do err; more so, interpersonal skill is one of the sought after skills in labour market, so arm yourself with it during your application process. In a nutshell, stay professional in your approach and interaction.

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Best wishes in your career journey.

Kind Regards.

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    1. Thank you Hassan Ismail for your kind words. Please do share link with your network. I want to reach more people with similar insightful information to help ease their job search journey.
      Kind Regards.


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