Online Interview Guide to Help Boost Your Performance

As part of the coronavirus pandemic adjustment, many organisations now adopt online interviews in their recruitment process especially for first and second stage interviews. Experts believe that online interview “is here to stay” and is found to be “effective and efficient” both for both organisations and candidates, [Stephanie Vozza on Fast Company (FC)] and Flexjobs.  

Yours truly floundered at an online interview (yes true confession☺). So here are my suggestions on boosting your performance at online interviews, stemming from my experience interviewing candidates, being interviewed and attending business meetings online.

Be Ready: Get yourself ready for the interview. Refresh by reading the job description shared on the job advert and research on the Company.

Environment: Be in a conducive and quiet environment.  Do not attend your interview walking or standing on a street corner.  If you must use your room at home, sit in a corner that will show a good background. I recall interviewing someone and he was in a street corner with car horns blowing.   

Your Appearance: Look as professional as possible.  If you are interviewing for a field known for casuals, put on smart casuals. Men, be well groomed; ladies, a good dressing and light make up will do. An employer felt displeased when a male candidate appeared at an online interview with an unkempt moustache. So always best to be on a safe side.

Posture: Appear confident, warm and friendly with occasional smiles. Maintain eye contact and a body language that shows interest on the job.

Be Punctual.  It is a sign of professionalism for the interviewer to tune in and find you online. It is advisable to login two – three minutes before the schedule.

Get the App: Download the app if you do not already have it on your device or used it before.  It is helpful to also check the key features. Popular Apps include, Zoom, Google Meet, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Tea and Skype.

Connectivity & Settings: Check your internet connectivity, audio and video settings to make sure they are functioning.  

Logging In: My suggestion is log in with your video off.  This keeps you settled while you wait.  Once the interviewer comes online, you can turn on your video.

If you have found this helpful, be sure to click the share button, comment, like or ask questions.  Do check in again, soon.

Best wishes in your Career Journey.

Best Regards.

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