Interview Takeout 001

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Trust your day is turning out as planned.  Remember that hope is one of our precious gifts.  So please keep hope alive.

I am excited to post the first edition of my Interview Takeout. This will now be part of my monthly posts.  You are wondering, what is an ‘Interview Takeout’?  My view is that every experience and encounter in life, comes with a takeout or some take-outs: something we leave the conversation, interaction or meeting with – positive or negative.

So here, I will be sharing my takeout from my interactions with candidates’ at interviews, and express my opinions. These take-outs will provide useful insights that you can apply in your search for employment. Here to ….:

Interview Takeout 001:

Understanding the Job Role:

  • At a recent interview we conducted for a Client, we asked all the candidates if they read the job announcement; and got 99.9% ‘yes’.
  • Next, we requested each candidate to explain what the job is about. It was disappointing that nearly everyone could not give a convincing response. Only a handful got a few things with guess work and inference. 
  • If you do not understand what the job you are interviewing for is about, my view is that you are not likely to do a good work at selling yourself to the Recruiter; but rather, you will short-change yourself with the recruiter and leave your chances or opportunity in the hands of your competitors – the other candidates.
  • Takeout: Understand the job you are being interviewed for; the expected tasks or roles, other specifications such as skills or type of person the organisation is looking for. Rehearse the job announcement or job description as often as you can, before the interview. Not necessary to cram all the information, but to become familiar with the key requirements of the job.  See also my postHow to Handle Job Application Process in a Professional Way’ for more tips.

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