Interested in Online Jobs? Here Are Things To Do

Recently, I checked my website data analytics for my esteemed readers’ search interest, and discovered that quite a number of people are looking for online job opportunities.  So I thought to share a bit of these to help someone out there.

The high rate of interest in online jobs (also referred to as remote or work from home – WFB jobs) is understandable: technology has made it easy for people to seek for skills to support their businesses from any part of the world.  Secondly, the outcome of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic brought increased need for a remote work culture and high unemployment rate (with lots of businesses closed and on-site job opportunities limited). People with prior freelancing and remote work experience were quick to adapt and earn.  Findings show that a lot of remote working freelancers in some niches had their income doubled in 2020 while the world was at a standstill!

Online Job Options:

I will share some online job options I have found very useful and for some, I will include my referral link.

Appen Job Platform: Appen has been operating for about 20 years and accepts contributors from around the globe. So irrespective of your country, you can work and earn with Appen. Appen offers a variety of projects, from few minutes videos with a smartphone or computer webcam, to transcription, surveys or mystery shopping. There is always something to earn from in Appen. Click link here to sign up and start earning with Appen.

Surveys: I have found answering online surveys quite useful.  Most surveys are regionalized (participants register by  country, and answer surveys for research focused majorly on their countries or for people that live in their countries or certain locations within their country.

However, some survey platforms do not accept international participants or panelists; it is majorly for people within a particular country or region.

To be successful in receiving surveys, it is important to ensure your profile is completed and up-to-date; survey responses are usually segmented within a particular demography, depending on the research subject.

Having tried quite a handful, I find these two survey platforms helpful as they accept more international audience (people from different countries); provides consistent surveys and pays promptly. If interested in earning through surveys, click my affiliate links  (for Mobrog and Ysense) below to get started.



Caution: Survey platforms may not earn you a huge income, but it does bring in  bits and bits you can build on; and a few dollars that can come handy when you need it.

Remote/Online Job Platforms:

For US, Canada and European residents, you will find FlexJobs quite useful for online jobs; another useful platform is . has job openings for international audience and therefore helpful if you are outside the US, Canada or Europe. Both platforms share job vacancies (for several roles and and industries) from businesses in the countries and regions I mentioned above; and some of their top job advertisers are fortune 500 companies. As you know there are several online job platforms such as Upwork. But I have selected these two for the category of online jobs they cover which includes – full time, part-time and freelancing online jobs.

Another useful platform is ‘Make a Living Writing’ but this is for writers only. Anchored by the founder Carol Tice, Make a Living Writing helps freelance writers earn better through various training, advocacy and exposure. They also offer a membership only writing jobs for members.

Recommended Actions: 

If you are interested in online jobs, here are some tips:

  • Start your search within your region/country.
  • Explore feasible opportunities outside your country (where it is specified that the client or the company) is open to work with people from any part of the world.
  • Beware of scam sites – that lures job seekers with too good to be true earning options.
  • Have a good Resume as you would for a physical job.
  • Get your Resume ready before you begin your online application.
  • Be patient and do thorough research, including online reviews before you sign-up with any online job platform.
  • Apply for jobs where you have most skills and ensure that your resume is adapted to suit the jobs you apply.
  • Find the platform and job that works for your situation and circumstance.

Online jobs remain viable employment options. But to land them require lots of efforts, professionalism, time, patience and commitment as would the search for physical jobs.

I hope this has been helpful.  If you like what you have read, do visit the Resources –Careers’ section of my website for more job search and career guides. And remember to click the share button to share this with your network, like, comment or ask questions below. I will be glad to interact with you.

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