How to Prepare for Job Interviews – Trends You Need to Know

If you recently attended job interview in a structured organisation, you would notice the continuously changing trends in the things that recruiters or recruiting organisations look out during interviews.

The business world is constantly changing so the players frequently adjust how they navigate to be able to fit, compete and survive. If you are looking to fit yourself in the business world, it is important that you equip yourself with how to make your interview a success and the constantly evolving trends in the labour market.

A successful interview boots your moral and confidence and sends positive signals to your emtions and is great for your mental health. On the other hand, an unsuccessful interview does the opposite: it is demoralising, can affect your self esteem and mental if not properly managed. It could make you to begin to doubt your capability and the confidence you have built overtime. I write from my personal experience with job search and interviews.

So if you scaled through the CV review and shortlist hurdles and finally here you are: a call or an email for an opportunity to further compete for the job, you want to put your best foot forward. I deliberately, use the word compete, yes that is what the entire job search cycle including interview is – competition.

If you are in this state, congratulations, you are a step forward. Here are some tips for you:

  • Research the Company to know its culture and prepare to discuss how you fit when related questions are raised. This because recruiters and company owners are looking for great fits technically, but more so culturally.
  • Find out more information about behavioural and attitudinal interview questions from the internet including professional platforms like LinkedIn. Read and rehearse as many of these questions as possible. Recruiters are interested in the ‘person’ who finally take up the job – will be or she be able to fit with the team or with the organisation’s way of doing things.
  • Some top questions you need to know how to answer include: tell me about your self, your leadership style especially for managerial positions; how you work in a team; communication style or skill, how you work under pressure, conflict resolution skill, work delivery approach, top past achievements that you are proud of, why do you want this job or why do you want to work with the company….. and more.
  • You may also get opportunity to be asked technical questions, it is important to read up the job description and connect your experience and skills to the job you are interviewing for and be able to relate it to how you can add value to the organisation.
  • Note that each company is different and therefore the things they look for could be slightly or largely different, such that no interview questions could be the same, except for the generic – tell me about yourself.  Therefore, your safe net, will be to research, read and rehearse as many interview questions as possible each time you submit a job application or way before you get an interview opportunity.
  • Finally, remember that it is a competition, if does not turn out as you expect, learn from the process and take necessary corrective measures, do not be hard on yourself, but try to dust up quickly and keep pushing your application out. Employers are looking for people, be assured your day will come.

Best wishes in your career journey.

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