How I Spent My New Year’s Eve

Isn’t it amazing that four days of the new year have already rolled by? The seconds, hours, or days do not wait. We have to move with time, do catch up, or get left behind. This is a good time (if you have not) to put a plan in place on how to manage each day or week, what you need to do, adjust or completely take out.  Some plans (written or unwritten) will help you track your progress at the end of each day, week, or month.  While setting big milestones like yearly plans is great, I am of the view that breaking such plans into daily or weekly plans helps one to stay focused, have a better chance at success and be able to assess efforts. Now to my New Year’s Eve.

Someone might read this heading and expect to read about how I spent the new year’s eve – maybe in a five-star hotel, a resort, by the beachside, or a personal retreat.   Yes, I had fun, however, it was not really about all those exotic moments, but be sure to read through the end, as I have a giveaway. 

I had a remarkable new year’s eve holding a volunteer career coaching session with a young and bright professional. Reading through her CV minutes before the scheduled session, gave me a glimpse of her career interest, prospects, and potentials. We got started and I asked:  Is your career goal after university graduation still the same or has it changed with the reality of the real world. She was frank and open in her response and throughout our conversation. I asked more questions, and shared my thoughts on some options she could consider – subject to her interest.  It ended with an assignment on things she needs to begin to do to actualize her career goal, and we agreed on the time for our next meeting.  

Career journey comes with twists and turns, and sometimes the environment can hit so hard (like the pandemic and the millions of job and business losses that came with it), that we lose sight of the best next step. However, with little help and support, the journey can be made easier and rewarding.  

It was a fulfilling and most exciting way for me to end the year doing what I love doing – being able to help someone towards achieving their goals.  Though an online session, I felt her happiness and the feeling of ‘oh I never thought about this’ from her end.  It ended with an encouraging ‘I look forward to our next session’ from her.  That hit it for me:  we have both enjoyed ourselves.

Each time I leave a session, such as this or go through a recruitment process, it reminds me of how many more people need help with career coaching, guide or counseling. We all do at different stages.  Therefore, in line with my interest to support professionals succeed in their career pursuit, I will be dedicating the first quarter of the year to offer free career coaching and counseling for at least 5 people each month.

If you or someone you know will be interested, click to secure your date.  Once we reach the five free slots each month, others would be invoiced(:) Do not worry, we make it affordable.  Our success story is what encourages us to reach more people.  So sign-up now and waste no further time of the new year.

Want to share how you spent your new year’s eve.  Please do,  my community and I would like to read from you. Once again, I wish you the best of the new year.  Happy New Year everyone.

Best wishes in your career journey.


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