In Your Job Search, Rejection Could Mean Any of These

If you have job searched in today’s HR practice, you may be familiar with some words in this image. I have got doses of it.

When we hear people share how they nailed interview within a few minutes and got hired, we sometimes  forget that behind those super stories are tens if not hundreds of people who received the opposite.

If an employer is seeking for one person and has to interview 10 people, one person will get the exciting yes, and others will get a no.

So rejection is not personal. It is just part of the process. Here is my definition of rejection from being on both sides:

  • Rejection could mean, that there is something you have that might not fit with where the organisation is or could disrupt what is already in place.
  • Rejection could also mean, you were not able to prove your worth, and someone who is better at it did and got hired.
  • Rejection also could mean, you sold yourself – you have a career focus the organisation isn’t ready for (and there is nothing wrong with it), so they would not want to waste your time or theirs, they decide for someone who readily fit.
  • Rejection could also be God leading you to what your heart earns or what He has for you. As I write this line, I think of Joseph in the Bible as a slave in Portipher’s house versus Joseph as a Prime Minister of Egypt.
  • Rejection could also mean, the organisation is already formed, and does not want to tamper with its culture fitness. So you get turned down for culture, not for technical skills, experience or  qualification.
  • Finally, rejection could mean human miscalculation, human bias. Some things assessed on the spot, with which decision have been based. If they probed deeper, may be you could be given a chance.

Not every rejection means failure or inadequacy. Even though some do mean that you do need to brush up in some areas.

If rejection could mean any of these, you may want to be less harsh on yourself, learn to manage your emotions, and learn to fall, but dust up quickly and keep moving.

My mantra is that every dream needs people to make it happen, and as people search, they would find the dream that earnestly need them to happen.

So keep searching till you get the dream that says yes to what you have got.


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