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I am a versatile HR professional with human resources, business and operations management experience. The establishment, growth and sustainability of Start-ups, small businesses. and enterprises is of great interest and something I have been committed to for almost a decade.. Next is my undiluted desire to help professionals build successful careers and live meaningful lives.

My experience and that of my team has enabled us to help countless people succeed in their career goals. You can be next.

Our objective through this platform is simple – to support people in their job search and career development. Job search can be lonely, emotionally draining and tiring, but you do not have to go through that journey alone. You can count on us for support.

In the same manner, building a successful career can take a lot. It requires right decision, sacrifice, self development and more. Sometimes, we get it wrong, and then live in regrets. We help our participants navigate this tricky journey.

For professionals seeking employment opportunities, one of our aims is to share information that will make job search easy and securing your dream job faster and with less stress for job seekers and takent holders. I achieve through my career guidance posts and the verified job opportunities that we share

So remember to check the resource section here where I share career guides and the tab on job openings, you might just find the job you have been waiting for right here.

To connect with me here, simply click the contact page on the menu or the link http://atomic-temporary-126274131.wpcomstaging.com/contact/

And yes – I am social 😆. Let’s connect: I am looking forward to connecting with and learning from professionals around the world.

Instagram: afyscorner

Twitter: @Afoma Uchendu

LinkedIn: @Afoma Uchendu

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