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I am a versatile HR professional with human resources, business and operations management experience. I am passionate about the establishment, growth and sustainability of Start-ups, small businesses. and enterprises generally.

Adapting people and result-oriented approach to work, I help enterprises achieve operational efficiency, business sustainability and organisational development goals through strategic and holistic Human Resource and Operations Management.

I am skilled in Talent Acquisition (Employees Recruitment), Human Resource Management, HR Operations, Training and Development, Employees Engagement, Organisational Structuring, Operations Management, Operational Process Development, Project Administration and Office Administration. I easily adapt to new environments, work well with younger and older workforce and businesses in different sectors of the economy and at stages of development, bringing in the much needed value.

If you are looking for someone who will help you put it all together for your business or Start-up or turnaround your existing business, someone who will bring great insights, strategies and structure for your operations, talent acquisition or employees capacity building needs, you are in the right place. When it comes to Recruitment, I am proud to say that I have got eyes for Talents. Moreover, with respect to operations, I have got the personality and skills required for value add, effective and efficient business operations.

For professionals seeking employment opportunities, one of my aims is to share information that will make job search easy and securing your dream job faster and with less stress for job seekers and takent holders.

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