Track Your Small Wins: How to Use Goal Tracking to Achieve Your Goals

Yes. The first quarter of the year is rolling by (if you calculate your first quarter by three months).

Even though as I write, people in Ukraine are suffering from the Russian attack.  It is an example of how huge uncontrollable circumstances in the environment affect our lives and the goals we set to achieve. Under such circumstances, where nothing else will matter but the chance to be alive, be at peace with an opportunity to live a normal life again.  My heart goes to the people of Ukraine and I am praying for them.

If you missed the first part, please click here background information about goals.  Now let’s go to goal tracking.

Goal Tracking

Does this happen to you? You note something you want to get done, other things come in between and days or weeks later, you remember or stumble on your well crafted note and see how far away you are from achieving that task. Or you have a number driven job like – sign up 50 high net worth individuals; or increase school enrollment by 50%; you get started, but each step gets more scary. The secret for you may be to track your small wins. Those wins may not necessarily be the trophies, but the steps you are taking daily for the big win.

If you goal for the second quarter of the year is to have three new board members join your start ups, your small wins could be that you researched and shortlisted 10 people that could be good fit, next small win could also be that you have sent an email to five out the ten. You will notice that as you track your steps daily or weekly, you get motivated to push more and with time, fear of failure begins to fade.

To the career professional that wants a particular job, your wins could be the list of contacts you have informed about your job search, or the number of applications you have submitted in a day, and more instinctively the level of research you have done on the job or industry that you are searching.

Goal tracking does not have to be anything fancy or techy.  It involves, writing down your goal (it can be in a notebook or communication device), the weekly little steps or tasks you need to take, making efforts to take those little steps, ticking off the steps as you take them, and periodically checking the goal as a reminder.

If you do not frequently check your goal and note the little efforts you make, chances are that the goal gets stuck in your brain, notebook, or device, and when things happen – life happens, projects or family life gets more demanding, you move with the tide without much success.

Goal Tracking Formula:

Set Goal + Write Down the Little Steps You Need To Take Weekly + Take the Little Steps + Write Down the Little Steps You Were Able to Take + Regularly Go Back to Check/Read the Goals.

Set a day in a week for your goal tracking exercise. Thank God for telecommunication devices, you can set a reminder on your device and do the exercise in an environment where you can think and reflect and determine your next steps.


Goal setting is an important exercise for success but goal tracking is like the steering that helps to stir a vehicle towards the desired destination. Do not get caught up with the chase, without setting time to reflect on your driving force – your goal.

It may sometimes be more productive to take the small steps that could take a few minutes to achieve rather than wait for a sufficient and convenient time to take the big steps.

So what is your job search, career, or career development goal? Get started with goal setting, take the little steps and track your small wins.

I hope this has been helpful.  If you like what you have read, do visit the Resources – Careers section of my website for more job search and career guides. And remember to click the share button to share this with your network, comment, or ask questions below. I will be glad to interact with you.

My best wishes in your career journey.


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